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Lecture in “Science and Decisions: Advancing Risk Assessment

February 2010

Greg Paoli
Principal Risk Scientist & COO
Risk Sciences International, Inc.
200-449 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, ON K1H 6S3
Tel: 613 260 1424 ext. 151


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Book In 2009, the National Research Council issued the report, Science and Decisions: Advancing Risk Assessment. The report provides a review of risk assessment practice, focused on the US EPA, and makes scientific and technical recommendations to improve the quality and utility of risk assessment. Most of the committee’s findings and recommendations have general applicability to risk assessment practice beyond the US EPA. This presentation provides a high level overview of the report, from the perspective of one of the members of the committee that prepared the report.

Link to the National Academies Press:

"The report is a major accomplishment. It courageously addresses questions that many of its legendary predecessors and most other works on risk assessment either don't ask or fail to answer."
- Science, 8/28/09

Science & Decision Executive Summary



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